Everyday Truths About Wearing Contact Lenses.

Biotrue® helps keep lenses moist for up to 20 hours to help keep you from experiencing a Biotruth moment like these:


The increased use of digital devices has added 50 minutes to the average time spent dining out. Your contact lenses might not make it through dessert.


Canadians average nearly 10 hours of screen time each day, which can be tough on your contact lenses.


Canadians check their smartphones every ten minutes. Wouldn’t it be great if you contact lenses could keep up?


Over 26 million Canadians own smartphones, and screen time puts a lot of strain on contact lenses.


You can crush your high score…but your contact lenses might not make it to the next level.


You can check out #tbt pics all day but you might not ♡ your contact lenses.


Getting lost in the latest best seller… might make your lenses spoil the ending.


The average Canadian spends 79 hours a year stuck in traffic. Sitting in gridlock can be tough on your lenses.

See Biotruths in action: