Biotruth #14

The increased use of digital devices has added 50 minutes to the average time spent dining out. Your contact lenses might not make it through dessert.

Biotruth #16

Texting your friends all day could make your contact lenses say “TTYL”.

Biotruth #22

Canadians average nearly 10 hours of screen time each day, which can be tough on your contact lenses.

Biotruth #51

You can crush your high score…but your contact lenses might not make it to the next level.

Biotruth #27

Over 26 million people own a smartphone in Canada. That puts a lot of strain on your contact lenses.

Biotruth #62

Getting lost in the latest best seller…might make your lenses spoil the ending.

Biotruth #42

You can check out #tbt pics all day but you might not ♥ your contact lenses.

Biotruth #32

Canadians check their smartphones every ten minutes. Wouldn’t it be great if you contact lenses could keep up?

Biotruth #38

On average, you spend 70% of your waking life in front of digital media. So much screen time could dry out your contact lenses.

Biotruth #68

The average Canadian spends 79 hours a year stuck in traffic. Sitting in gridlock can be tough on your lenses.