Outstanding Lens Care

Bio-inspiration is a discipline that studies and learns from nature's best ideas to develop breakthrough products and technologies.  By studying how the eye naturally works to clean, hydrate and keep itself healthy, Bausch + Lomb eye health scientists developed a product that provides excellent care for soft contact lenses.

Biotrue helps make wearing contact lenses easier on your eyes.

  • pH balanced to match tears
  • Utilizes a lubricant to provide up to 20 hours of moisture and comfort.
  • Cleans, disinfects, and removes protein.
Delivers excellent disinfection efficacy

Biotrue provides excellent disinfection that healthy eyes need:

Biotrue combines a dual disinfection system with the attributes of a pH equal to tears and protein management, to provide excellent disinfection.

Biotrue utilizes a lubricating ingredient - hyaluronan:

HA is a lubricant that is found throughout the body.Biotrue hydrates contact lenses by utilizing hyaluronan (HA) to provide comfort througout the day.

pH balanced to match tears

Biotrue is pH balanced to match tears:

Eyes that are healthy continually create the perfect environment. That's why Biotrue is uniquely formulated to match the pH value of your tears — maintaining the eye's natural condition and providing an excellent environment for our dual disinfectants.